Read Deep South's "Race and Place" feature.

Kalisha is proud to be part of Deep South Magazine's Fall mission to unite the Southern Region, and country overall, with stories focused on the South, as a launchpad to explore difficult racial realities through its "Race and Place" writing contest. She will write a guest post on Southern literature and mentor a winning fiction writer. From Deep South Editor Erin Z. Bass:

"After Charlottesville, we here at Deep South Magazine felt we needed to use our Southern Voice platform as a way to talk about race in the context of Southern history and culture... Southern history is steeped in the relationship between race and place. How do we deal with our dark history in a place that we love, cherish and celebrate? How do we respect our neighbors of all colors and gender orientations and their different points of view? And how can we, through the art of writing, shed light on these issues and move toward a place of acceptance?"

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Kalisha Buckhanon