A collection of writing from Kalisha Buckhanon’s blog.

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negression: Essays

negression collects some of the best writing from novelist Kalisha Buckhanon’s online blog of the same name. It includes two recent essays in response to mass public efforts to free Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life in prison as a teenager, and scant mass efforts to remember Maria Schneider, a forgotten victim in Hollywood's #MeToo uprising. The collection fuses compassionate personal analysis of the confounding endings to icons like Billie Holiday, Phyllis Hyman and Kitty Genovese with tender meditations on lesser-known women’s final days cut short by senseless violence. Raw emotion in negression compels remembrance of Hadiya Pendleton, Joyce Vincent, Aileen Wuornos, 6-month old Chicago shooting victim Jonylah Watkins and more. Readers will leave negression with renewed respect and sensitivity to the Negress and female experiences as they are reflected in Kalisha Buckhanon’s eyes.