Watch a few of Kalisha’s literary talks or her national network television appearances on TV One, BET and Investigation Discovery Channel.

TV & Video

TV One

On-Air Commentator for Season 4 of For My Man (2018)

Watch Kalisha discuss the case of Lois “Lolo” Thomas in Episode 15.

On-Air Commentator for Season 1 of For My Man (2015)
Read Kalisha’s essay on the Vanessa Coleman case:
“On the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom losses of life,
and Vanessa Coleman’s impending parole…” >>>
Kalisha discussed the case of Vanessa Coleman in Episode 3

On-Air Commentator for Season 2 of For My Man (2016)

Watch Kalisha discuss the case of Taiana Matheny in Episode 14.

Watch Kalisha discusses the case of T’Keisha Gilmer in Episode 17.


Black Entertainment Television

On-Air Commentator for Season 1 of Criminals At Work (2016)
Watch full episode on BET.


Investigation Discovery Channel

On-Air Commentator for Season 3 of Deadly Affairs (2014)
Watch “Bound and Determined” on: Amazon | YouTube
Watch “Games People Play” on: Amazon | YouTube

With celebrated authors of the “Literature for Justice” Program Launch

National Book Foundation YouTube

National Book Foundation Facebook Live

In Conversation with Dan Porcanstino, Associate Professor of English

Waubonsee Original Programming

In Conversation with Clarence Reynolds, Director of Center for Black Literature

YouTube courtesy of Paula Renfroe


DVD liner notes editor for filmmaker Maya Jensen 

Solidarity in Saya, an Afro-Bolivian Music Movement