On Women

"She was my first…"
Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks

"For black women, street harassment is an even more terrifying reality."

"10 Black Women Who Lost Their Lives to Violence"

"Dating While Smart"

"We have to give our black girls “the talk”- and it’s not about sex."

"We Need New Dolls"


"No Way to Say “No”: On Public Sexual Abuse and an American Woman’s Murder"

“Pleasant Imagining: Speculation, Trials, and Postmodern Historical Heroism of Mary Ellen Pleasant” and Medium

"Women’s History Month: 10 Women Authors to Read"
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"10 Black Women Writers to Read in Black History Month"
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"Zora Neale Hurston’s Spirit is 124 Years Old."
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On Race

"I’m Black, But I’m Not Applauding Moonlight"

"What Do I Tell My Son?"

"Is Oscar Prejudiced? How Hattie McDaniels’ Story Still Haunts Us Today"


"Important and Troubling Book-to-Film Issues In My
Favorite Movies: ‘The Color Purple’ and ‘Beloved’"

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On Culture

"Writing an Old Place New: Contemporary Voices Abound in Literature of the South"

Deep South Magazine

"Girlhood: the heartwarming story of girls coming-of-age in France"

"I would not be the person I am today if not for my teen parents."

"Remembering Director Mike Nichols Through His Movies"
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"A Tribute to Oprah’s Black Book Club Selections"

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"Rosemary’s Baby: A Retrospective"
Ravenous Monster

"Alma: A Concise Creepy Doll Nightmare"

Ravenous Monster

"Building a Black American Library"
London Independent on Sunday

"And What Now? The Writer’s Life"

Black Issues Book Review 

“If your writing were to cross-dress…”
Hermeneutic Chaos Symposium #5

Passin’ It On: Interview with Tap Dancer Ernest “Brownie” Brown (Oral History)

On Tap!- A Publication of the International Tap Association 

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                                                                                  When We Are Witnesses…For Kitty Genovese >>>

Cyntoia‘s Done Her Time. Have Mercy and Let Her Go. >>>

Dr. Terri Francis talks of Josephine Baker and “the burlesque”… 

“Remember Me to Miss Louisa”: Dr. Sharony Green talks “fancy girls” in antebellum America >>>

10 Black Women Who Lost Their Lives to Violence >>>

In Search of Our Daughter’s Garden: A Meditation on Hadiya Pendleton’s Life >>>

The People Like Us Who Live in Places Like This…for 6-month old Jonylah Watkins >>>

“No Way to Say “No”: On Public Sexual Abuse and Mary Spears’ Murder >>>

Are You a Joyce Vincent? >>>

On the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Losses of Life, and Vanessa Coleman’s Impending Parole >>>

On the Loss of Olympian Kamara James >>>

Women Should Tell Women’s Stories…on the films of the capital punishments of Wanda Jean Allen and Aileen Wournos >>>

Afrikka Hardy, 3 Other Identified Black Women and 3 Jane Does Found Dead in Gary, IN >>>

How Hattie McDaniels’ Story Haunts Us Today >>>

Remembering Mary Ellen Pleasant >>>

What Billie and Phyllis Sang About >>>

“We have to give our black girls “The Talk,” and it’s not about sex”…my essay on the McKinney, Texas, pool party injustice >>>

The Little Rock Nine, Four Little Girls, and One Confederate Flag: A Retrospective >>>