Read Kalisha! In NYU’s Black Renaissance Noire, & Revise the Psalm… So far in 2017, Kalisha has appeared in many important publications for her fiction, memoir and essay work.

кот в подъезде что делать New York University’s Black Renaissance Noire literary and arts magazine, edited by Quincy Troupe, published an excerpt of Kalisha’s new novel S peaking of Summer in its latest issue. Kalisha appears in this latest issue alongside Sonia Sanchez, Kalamu Ya Salaam and more in Volume 17.1.

Kalisha’s essay, “She Was My First”, is a reflection on helping to host famed poet Gwendolyn Brooks at University of Chicago in Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Life of Gwendolyn Brooksan anthology edited by Quraysh Ali Lansana and Sandra Jackson-Opoku to commemorate what would be the 100th Birthday of Mrs. Brooks in 2017. Kalisha writes of her experience meeting Ms. Brooks after she found community among Black women in an ad-hoc sorority for women of color, Sistafriends, supervised by then-Dean and future First Lady Michelle Obama.

And Kalisha weighed in on Moonlight‘s win for Best Picture at the Academy Awards with her Negression blog and essay: “I Am Black, But I’m Not Applauding Moonlight.” In the piece, she explores cultural politics  and stereotypical representations of Blacks in film throughout Hollywood history into now.