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 “Solemn captures the plight of a black girl who sees and knows too much too soon…”  | The Washington Post

“…top notch literary fiction…”  | Library Journal  

 “This standout novel is anchored by its vulnerable and brave heroine…”  | Publisher’s Weekly

“Buckhanon crafts a hypnotic tale, poetically conjuring the intricate workings of Solemn’s thoughts and ghostly visitations.”  | Kirkus

“…an emotional, expressive novel about family, obligation and community.”  Bookpage

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Upstate captures the faithfulness and tenacity of young love.”  Entertainment Weekly

“…a rare audio find whose voices linger in the mind long after its final chapter.”  | Audiofile

Upstate, for all its sorrow, is a book worth reading.”  | Bookpage

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 “…an emotional journey of self-discovery…”  Audiofile 

“A poignant, heart-wrenching novel…”  | Kirkus Reviews 

“transcends the usual tragic story of the unwed teen mother living in the big city.”  | Chicago Sun-Times

“A blistering reality check.”  | Ebony Magazine

“I’ll refrain from calling Kalisha Buckhanon ‘the next Toni Morrison.’ But it will be difficult. Very difficult.”  Fresh Fiction